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Bloom Physical Therapy strives to help those with vestibular or neurological disorders regain function, control symptoms, and get back to the things they love. Our goal is to help you bloom. 

Mobile physical therapy in the comfort of your own home or through telehealth
Rochester, NY

Our Treatment Approach:

Education. Listening. Collaboration.

Understanding your condition is key to recovery. Education and support provide a foundation for therapy.
Treatment is a collaborative process between you and your therapist. We work together to create the best treatment plan for you,  and often coordinate with other providers when needed. 

A multisystem approach to treat the whole person

We know that neurological or vestibular disorders can affect many different body systems, that's why a thorough, multi-system, and evidence-based approach to assessment and treatment is a priority. 
We strive to treat the whole person.

Neuroplasticity Optimization

Neuroplasticity is your nervous system's ability to change, grow, and heal.
It's important to optimize neuroplasticity to promote recovery. We do this through addressing the autonomic nervous system, graded exercise, pacing strategies, and lifestyle modifications based on your individual needs. 

Vertigo/ Dizziness Treatment - Comprehensive Concussion Care - Neurological Rehabilitation

Conditions We Specialize In

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