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Bloom Physical Therapy strives to help those with vestibular or neurological disorders regain function, control symptoms, and get back to the things they love.  

Mobile physical therapy in the comfort of your own home
Rochester, NY

Bloom Physical Therapy uses an evidence based, innovative, and person-centered approach to help you:

Take back control

Do you feel like symptoms have taken control of your life? You're not alone.
Bloom strives to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and resources to take back control.
Sometimes symptoms are inevitable, but suffering and fear is not.

Reclaim joy in movement

Vestibular and neurological disorders often make movement difficult. Whether you feel dizzy when moving around your kitchen to cook, have trouble getting on the floor to play with your kids or grandkids, or feel too unsteady to go on a walk outside (or more!), Bloom is here to help you reclaim the activities you've been missing. 

Improve confidence and independence

Restore confidence and build independence in your ability to manage your health, control symptoms, and live a full life. 

Vertigo/ Dizziness Treatment - Comprehensive Concussion Care - Neurological Rehabilitation

Conditions We Specialize In:

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