Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation

Each client will begin their care with an initial evaluation. Initial evaluations allow your therapist to get to know you and better understand your goals. 

PT initial evaluation


Due at time of service.

* Currently accepting Medicare and Aetna insurance

  • 60 minutes 
  • Always on-on-one
  • In the comfort of your own home in person or through telehealth

Physical Therapy Treatment Session

Treatments sessions are any session that occurs after the initial evaluation for ongoing treatment. 

PT treatment

Price may vary based on the specific treatment provided. On average, treatment sessions cost $108. 

Due at time of service

* Currently accepting Medicare and Aetna insurance

  • 45-60 minutes (based on individual needs)
  • Always one-on-one
  • In the comfort of your own home in person or through telehealth

We are an out of network provider with *most insurance companies

Bloom physical therapy is an “out of network” provider with *most insurance companies. This means that we do not enter into contracts with insurance providers to receive reimbursement at a specific contracted rate. You will be responsible for paying for your visit at the time of service using a credit/ debit card, HSA/FSA funds, check, or exact cash. Upon request, Bloom Physical Therapy will provide you with an invoice, called a superbill, which includes all the required information to submit a claim to your insurance after your session. Most insurance plans include out of network benefits and may reimburse you for a portion of the cost. However, Bloom Physical Therapy does not guarantee reimbursement.

Remaining out of network with insurance companies allows Bloom Physical Therapy to provide one-on-one, individualized, and high-quality care. Due to financial and time constraints from insurance companies, many physical therapy practices need to treat a high volume of patients per day, and tend to book multiple patients at one time, which results in less individual attention. Remaining out of network allows Bloom Physical Therapy to keep administrative costs low and provide the individualized care that you deserve. It also allows us to avoid insurance companies dictating the type and number of services provided. We are able to allocate more time and resources into managing your case. 

* Insurances that we currently accept:
1. Aetna
2. Medicare Part B