Dizziness & Vertigo

Bloom Physical Therapy specializes in vestibular rehabilitation and treatment of dizziness and vertigo symptoms.

Dizziness & vertigo symptoms don't need to control your life. Learn how to reduce symptoms and get back to the things you love.

Dizziness and vertigo symptoms can have many different causes, and finding a diagnosis isn't always easy. Those experiencing dizziness often visit multiple providers before finding answers and end up feeling overlooked or misunderstood. If this sounds like you, you've come to the right place.

My goal is to help you discover the root cause of your symptoms, either through a thorough examination or connecting you to the right provider who can assist. I also hope to provide you with the knowledge and tools to fully understand your condition and empower you to take back control.
Dizziness and vertigo symptoms are treatable with vestibular rehabilitation. Vestibular rehab is a powerful tool that can help you control or reduce symptoms and get back to what's important.

 Bloom Pt can help you:

  • If you feel dizzy or disoriented when you roll over in bed, or when getting in and out of bed.
  • If you feel dizzy when turning your head or moving quickly.
  • If your concussion recovery is taking longer than expected. 
  • If you've been told that your symptoms are all in your head, and there's nothing else that can be done. 
  • If you have trouble shopping or going to grocery stores because of your dizziness. 
  • If your progress has slowed or stopped, but you still feel off. 
  • If you feel that you're missing out or avoiding activities that you once enjoyed or found easy due to symptoms.
  • If you feel unsteady, disoriented, or off when walking or moving around.
  • If you would like to work with an experienced doctor of physical therapy, who is able to take the time to listen to all of your concerns and create an individualized plan to meet your needs. 

Treatment tailored to you

No two individuals with dizziness present exactly the same way. We believe it's imperative to provide individualized care that's evidence based and specifically designed for you. This means that you won't be given a cookie cutter program that leaves you feeling worse. Our one-on-one treatment model allows your therapist to reassess and adjust your plan at any time to meet your needs. 

Ready to get started?

Whether you've just been diagnosed with an acute episode of vertigo, or you've been experiencing chronic dizziness for years, Bloom Physical Therapy is here to help.
If you don't have a diagnosis or haven't discovered the cause of your symptoms yet - that's okay! We can still begin treatment and work closely with your medical team along the way.